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D.G. Gallant
A little bit about me

As a writer and contributor to various publications, I have received national recognition for my work.

My dog-writing journey has been unexpected, starting with military working dogs and evolving into an operational wilderness and urban disaster K9 search and rescue team, to judging the sport of Scent Work, there are 100s of true stories to be written.

Each writing project I undertake is guided by a rigorous review process, where I ask myself three key questions: Is my writing accurate? Does it evoke emotion in me? Have I effectively told the story?


Whether I'm unearthing historical facts or crafting a heartwarming tale about a dog, these questions ensure that my writing is not only accurate but also engaging and impactful, resonating with readers on a deeper level.

My childhood was unique as I was born in Meriden, Connecticut and attended public schools in New England. Later, I graduated from Bitburg High School in Germany.

After I finished my university education, I worked as a government Intelligence Analyst and also had an opportunity to train Special Services dogs. This fascinating job taught me a lot about scent theory and dog training.

Today, I train dogs to participate in fun scenting competitions, which enriches my writing. I'm also an avid hiker and High Cliff Walker.

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