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D.G. Gallant
About the Author

As a writer and contributor to various publications, I have been fortunate to receive multiple awards for my work.


I approach each writing project with a critical review process and ask myself three questions: Is my writing accurate? Does it move me? Have I told the story? Whether I'm uncovering historical facts or telling a heartwarming story about a dog, these questions help me ensure that my writing is accurate, engaging, and impactful.


My childhood was unique as I was born in Meriden, Connecticut, but attended public schools in New England. Later, I graduated from Bitburg High School in Germany, which was an exciting experience.

After I finished my University education, I started working as a government contract Intelligence Analyst. This fascinating job taught me a lot about critical thinking and complex analysis.

I was an adjunct professor for over two decades, teaching computer science and geography at various universities. My classes focused on the Reconstruction Era, Westward Expansion, and the Indian Territories.

Apart from my professional life, I have diverse interests and experiences. One of my hobbies is training and judging dogs for AKC Scent Work, which is challenging and rewarding.​

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